Martial Arts Knoxville, Send in Your Best Jiu Jitsu Photos

We Would Like to See What You See


Send in Your Best Jiu Jitsu Photos

A picture paints a thousand words. But in our case, a picture paints a thousand techniques. Gracie Barra would like to ask our students, facebook followers, friends, family (and what-not) to share their best Jiu Jitsu photo. All amateur and professional photographers are invited to participate.GB BJJ

Arm bar and choke photos are always awesome!

So what’s in it for you? If your photo gets chosen as the photo of the week, we would like to get you in our pages. If you’re a professional photographer, it would be great exposure for your work. We would like to hear how you came about loving Jiu Jitsu and photography altogether. Perhaps, tell us about your Jiu Jitsu journey, etc.

BJJPlease remember though, that Gracie Barra will not hold any rights on the photo submitted. It will still be yours. Before we can publish it, we will definitely ask for your permission. We just want you to share your photos with us. This will help us spread the word about Gracie Barra and how Jiu Jitsu can has change lives!

If you want to know the basics on how to compose an awesome photo, click the link to a previous article on Jiu Jitsu / Sports Photography.

For you to submit it, you may do the following:

1. Email the photos to, or tag us in Facebook
2. put in the subject: Photo of the Week Entry
3. Please put your name, your school, your instructors name
4. Please also include, type of camera used (DSLRs or digital, or Film and When was it taken)
5. Include a caption and a story for the photo submitted.
6. Best photos will be curated by a professional photographer.
7. It has to have the Gracie Barra logo somewhere in the photo.


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