Martial Arts Knoxville, Helio Gracie Autographed Collector’s Edition

The Master Text – Helio Gracie Autographed Collector’s Edition


*New Arrival!*
A Celebration 100 Years in the Making!
500 Special Edition Master Text Books Authentically Autographed by Grand Master Helio Gracie!

Grand Master Helio Gracie left behind the most effective self-defense system the world has ever known. Before he passed away, he personally signed 500 copies of his book to, one day, celebrate his 100th anniversary. Per the Grand Master’s request, these books were sealed and securely stored at the Gracie Academy for over a decade.

Own a Piece of History


These Collector Edition copies of Gracie Jiu Jitsu – The Master Text are finally being released to commemorate his unique life and legacy, exactly as the Grand Master had planned 10 years ago before his passing. Each autographed book is individually numbered and comes in a golden-embossed protective slipcase! Own a piece of jiu-jitsu history now!

Collector’s Edition


Each book comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Grand Master Rorion Gracie, denoting the number of the book and validating the Helio Gracie signature within.

Details: Hard bound with 275 pages! Technique, Diet and History. Over 1,200 How-to-photos! Individually numbered, authentically autographed collector’s edition!


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