Martial Arts Knoxville, Panama Training Camp This Year!

Panama Training Camp This Year!


So thinking of taking that long overdue vacation? Try Panama


I know we’ve said this before, but what can be better than an exotic country, tropical and full of culture, and BJJ for 10 straight days. Ok. So we’ve never said that way before, but getting your BJJ on in Panama this coming November. However, historical data suggests that it is the monsoon season, so good news for surfers. But then again, rains only last for 2-3 days. There is still 7 days of sightseeing and traveling to boot. Need we say more?

And yes. This is to prepare our warriors for the Panama Open. For those traveling to Panama, discounts await when you book it through Copa Airlines.

481950_4932759829815_244837549_nOk. We will. You’ve probably heard of Victor Estima. Yes. He is the equally talented brother of the monster known as Braulio Estima. The two brothers have their named etched in famous BJJ competitions the world over.

A 2nd degree black belt, and a world No Gi Champion, Professor Victor has been with the Gracie Barra family for almost a decade.

Professor Paulo Castro of Gracie Barra Albrook is also in the list. With world class Jiu-Jitsu pedigree on his belt.

563355_10151475023465177_548694584_n“The Event will be a 10 days training camp, here in Panama. Trying to get all the Panamanian participants in his best shape and publishing the competition strategy for a competition. The majority of Panamanian Jiu Jitsu Practitioners had never compete in a IBJJF event, so going to be very good and positive, to be ready to compete against the Best competitor of the area of Latin America, says professor Paulo Castro.

Panama is the most progressive country in the area of Central America. Wonderful place , with 2 coast, were you can take a breakfast in the Caribbean, drive to the pacific, do a training session and then take a lunch in the beautiful pacific coast. . Have more than 10 bjj schools from different teams. Will be unique because is the first time that a Camp is happening here, he adds

The camp will be on the 19th to the 29th. But we suggest that you extend your stay to watch the war on the 1st of December which is the Panama Open. 90USDS for 10 days of BJJ. That’s just 9 bucks per day.


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