Martial Arts Knoxville, Jiu jitsu helps with positives

21 Days to Better Jiu-Jitsu: Let’s Get the Positives Out!/h2>
November 18, 2013

Every day is a second chance

Imagine a 10 storey building standing on stilts and wood. Now visualize a hurricane hitting the 10 storey house. Logic and simple concepts in physics would predict that the house can easily topple off and fall on the ground. It is more like a very strong body not being able to withstand trials. Where belief and positivity generally keeps our bodies sturdy to weather any storm. Jiu-Jitsu requires positive energy. There are ways to become positive in the things that we do.

Positive reinforcement is the act of rewarding someone when a good deed is done. But the old concept of positive reinforcement falls under the premise where someone else (2nd party) reinforces rewards you. But this article is all about rewarding yourself for doing something great in the mats. Read on. There is no one more powerful, and can be more nourishing than yourself.think_positive-normal

Self-nourishment and support will do wonders for your journey that is known as Jiu-Jitsu. When we come across people who may seem to exude a positive energy, we begin to wonder, what makes this person so energetic and full of life?. The question has baffled me because of the number of black belts that I have met. And the only answer is that they have reinforced themselves with the positive energy of reinforcing their beliefs. Here are things that I was able to figure out about them:

1. They never fail to thank themselves for the things that they have accomplished successful people know when to appreciate the power of being thankfulness. They are rarely hard on themselves. They see that each minor achievement is a gain. They need not have to only see grand gestures to thank anyone. They also see small things that they are achieve to appreciate themselves. They are kind to themselves as well.

2. They write down their success – small successes in life, in love, (and in this context, in Jiu-Jitsu) are well documented and celebrated. Being able to train students, having to reach out to a struggling person in the mats is a powerful way of spreading the positivity. They see the power of positive reinforcement as a way encourage everyone around them to become better. In this way, they also become better in life. When they reach out, and help others, they also help themselves. They let the world know of these successes not because they brag, but they wan the whole world to know that each person can affect change and can create a positive movement in anyone’s life.

3653_597848980255942_1310225738_n3. They reward themselves – rewarding oneself is important. Rewarding oneself is conditioning and reinforcing our minds that doing something good can do wonders for everyone. Rewarding ourselves is the key to reinforce positive energy. We cannot discount the powerful positive energy of appreciation.

4. They do self-check – we are all but human, we err and commit mistakes. Noticing most black belts, they do self-checks about their feelings when the weather isn’t as fair. The amount of introspection from these individuals is so great that they are able to step back and look at the bigger picture when negative feelings sets in. Knowing thyself and controlling one’s feelings is the key.

5.Positive Reinforcement Through Physical Activities – A way to reinforce self-belief is to practice something that you are good at. We become good through practice. No one is born with the innate ability to win grappling matches, sparring sessions et al. We become better overtime. Once you become better at something, it is crucial to continue practising. It is imperative that YOU continue to become better. The practice draws out positive energy because we reinforce the belief that we are good and become better through each drill, grappling matches, and competitions.


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