Martial Arts Knoxville TN, Never give up in jiu jitsu

GB Interview: Romulo Barral -The Long Jiu-Jitsu Journey

November 25, 2013

A Champion is someone who gets up even when he can’t.


We all have our journeys in BJJ ahead of us. The good thing about Jiu-Jitsu is that it has its own level of certainties and uncertainties: certain that we are going to be the best if we keep on moving, uncertain of the awesome surprises that it has for us.

An inspiring interview with one of living legends of the sport, Romulo Barral has represented the sport with passion. He has shown many what life can offer if followed with the right kind of beliefs. Life will also be surprising him with his toughest challenge yet, fatherhood!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Professor Romulo Barral. How’s the latest ADCC. Tell us your preparations

Prof. Romulo: The preparation was really good I trained really hard and dedicate 4 months to get ready for ADCC everything I was doing was to make me better to win like train rest train rest eat and have positive things in my mind to get the gold , I focus way more on the wresting train what make a huge diference in my game to win the ADCC I train at Calvary Chapel church boyz wrestling with coach Jacob who pushed me to another level , also I trained at my school with my students and all my GB team mates . , I went to compete at ADCC very motivate and I had no Doubts that I was going to get the gold .

997993_545787452134667_1655329727_n How’s your progress. Black belts typically become better everyday. Can you tell us how you manage to achiee that.

Prof. Romulo: I have an open mind to learn and trying to always improve if u are a a black belt and u not trying to improve and follow the evolution of the sport u will be left behind . Iam always trying to learn with all my students white to black belt they always have some thing to teach me No amount of training can prepare anyone to becoming a father. Tell us what you think about your upcoming fatherhood.

Prof. Romulo: I’m so excited to be a father , I know is going to be a new challenge in my life but I’m ready I can’t wait to my baby born I will do my best to be an great dad . Will the baby be a boy or a girl?

Prof. Romulo: I’m having a baby girl Tell us about your competition life. Has it been a while?

Prof. Romulo: I am been competing in an long time , I love my life I couldn’t ask for nothing better , I do what I love and I do my best to be good at it . I’m accomplished most of my goals as a competitor but I’m still wanna more .

1379739_593582140688531_1865881923_n-2 Let’s talk about your students. So how are they?

Prof. Romulo: My students are doing great I have a competition team and I have my students who like to do bjj as a hobby self defense sport exercise and I’m always proud of all than they are all living the bjj life style I’m happy to help than improve they life true brazilian jii jitsu . Gracie Barra has changed over the years. Now we are a bigger team. Tell us your thoughts

Prof. Romulo: I’m Been representing GB since day one in my bjj journey I’m more than happy to be part with such a great team . We are growing all over the world and I am always down to do my best to help my team with everything they need .


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